How do I clean my refrigerator's compressor and coils?

The coils are usually black tubes that are packed together on the outside of the refrigerator on the back side. To clean them, wipe dust and dirt off coils and the compressor. By regularly cleaning them, you will maximize your refrigerator's life cycle and efficiency.

Why is it important that my refrigerator’s compressor fan has good airflow?

It's important that the compressor has good airflow because a partially blocked or very dirty compressor fan needs to work harder to cool the refrigerant, thus shortening its life.

My refrigerator’s shelves and food products keep frosting. Is something wrong with my refrigerator?

The constant presence of frost on shelves and food products could mean that it's time to replace worn door gaskets. All commercial refrigerators have thick self-sealing gaskets on their doors to make sure cold air doesn't escape from the unit. Over time, these gaskets wear out and lose their effectiveness.

My fridge isn't cold enough. How can I fix this?

Is the unit too full? Move the products around to improve air circulation around the unit. Check out our guide on how to properly load a refrigerator.

Why does my ice cream continue crystallizing?

Crystals form when ice cream has defrosted and refrozen. To avoid this, ensure your freezer is always set at a temperature between -22 and -18°C.

What is the difference between a Reach-In and a Merchandiser?

A Reach-In is designed to hold packaged products (juice, bottled sauces, etc.) and open food containers (trays of chopped vegetables, fruits, pasta salads, etc).


A Merchandiser is designed to store packaged products only. The interior of the cabinet is not made to come into contact with food. If open food is stored in a merchandiser, the acidic gases emanating from the food will damage the evaporator and ultimately will pierce it over time. This will then result in the need to replace the evaporator, which can be very costly.

Can I put my undercounter refrigerator/freezer in a cabinet?

Side breathing units can be placed in a cabinet, as long as there is sufficient clearance between the unit and the wall (4” minimum) for the air to circulate. Our NUR and NUF series are front breathing so no clearance is required when placed in a cabinet.

Can I use my undercounter unit as an equipment stand?

No, it is best to use a chef base for the following reasons:
1) Height: a chef base is lower than an undercounter unit and is sturdier – it can accommodate more weight.

2) Proximity to the cooking line: using a chef base as an equipment stand allows you to save space in your kitchen, as well as have your ingredients readily available in your cooking line.

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